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Although the Jikishin-Kai International was founded in September 2022 as a non-profit educational and athletic organisation under 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code, the Internal Revenue Service has not yet issued a formal determination letter confirming our tax-exempt status. Therefore, any donations made to the JKI at this time may not be considered tax deductible.

Therefore, although we accept and are grateful for any donations from individuals and organisations of cash, training equipment, property, estate bequests, or other transfers and gifts under 2055, 2106, or 2522 of the Internal Revenue Code, we strongly recommend that you first consult with your tax advisor to determine if your gift will be tax deductible.

The Jikishin-Kai is funded primarily by the dues and fees paid by our members for the services we provide, and from the small margin (targeted at 10% above direct costs) of the products we sell to members.  Because we deliberately keep our costs and margins as low as possible for the benefit of our members, any major capital outlays or expenses may require donations, and we fully realise that every donation, large or small, is a statement of your trust in, and appreciation for, the work that we do and the standards we maintain, so we are deeply appreciative for every dollar contributed.

We therefore thank you for visiting this page and considering a donation to the Jikishin-Kai!

Currently, the only form of monetary donation we can accept is by check or money order mailed to us, or by donating or bequeathing items of property (training equipment, vehicles, land, buildings, etc.).  We will soon be adding the ability to accept payments and donations by PayPal fund transfer (including debit or credit card payments processed through PayPal) and similar online methods.  Information and links for each of these methods is provided below:

Donate Via PayPal

Posted by Michiko Pellman 25 September 2018.

To donate to the JKI, simply fill in the Donation Type (either the specific purpose of the donation, such as "Tournament Sponsorship" or "Equipment Purchase" or "Unrestricted" if it is for general use) and the Amount you wish to donate in blanks below, then select the button for how you wish to pay (PayPal Donate, Venmo Donate, PayPal Pay Later, or Debit or Credit Card).

NOTE:  PayPal charges a 49 fee for each transaction, so please make a minimum donation of $5.00 or more.


Donate By Mail

Posted by Michiko Pellman 25 September 2018.

To donate by mail, please make your check, money order, or cashier's check payable to Jikishin-Kai International and mail it to:

  Jikishin-Kai International
  515 Pierce #8684
  San Antonio, TX  78208-0684

Donate or Bequeath Property

Posted by Michiko Pellman 25 September 2018.

To donate some form of property, such as land, a building, a vehicle, art work, or training equipment, or to make a bequest to the JKI in your will, please contact us by email or phone (830) 350-0061 to discuss the donation with one of our officers so that we can ensure that the donation or bequest is handled and documented correctly to ensure its income tax deductibility.

Tax Documentation

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In accordance with IRS regulations, we issue a written receipt for any donation of $250 or more.  It is our understanding that for donations of less than $250, your cancelled check, credit card statement, or PayPal transfer record is satisfactory proof of your donation.

However, should you or your tax preparer require a receipt for your records, simply email us a request and one will be promptly issued.

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